What is Matthew 25 Ministry?

Matthew 25 ministry is PittNaz and Connecting Point’s orphan care ministry. It was created to support biological families in crisis, adoptive families and foster families in our church and community. We are able to support them through providing resources to other programs and to also get involved ourselves in supporting them and their physical needs. April Bolinger shares her heart for this ministry and gives more information in this video.

Resources to Support and/or Get Connected!

Fostering Connections

This community provides resources, activities and training for foster and adoptive families. They also hold gatherings, classes and support groups.

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Care Portal

This is a page where physical needs are put out for foster and biological families by case workers, communities, schools, churches and others. This link will take you to PittNaz and Connecting Point’s very own Care Portal page.

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Police Protective Custody

Temporary care for children in crisis that have been removed from their biological families. For more information and/or to get involved, contact the Church Office.

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Safe Families

Temporary care for children for biological families in crisis. Biological parents voluntarily give their children while they work to come out of crisis and get to a place where they can care for their children again. The ultimate goal for safe families is to reunite biological families and their children together.

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